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Leading-edge Software solution for drilling, production, reservoir characterization, and processing in the oil and gas, environmental, and mining industries. Different techniques of modern Data Science, cutting edge algorithms, and computational hardware are applied to increase efficiency of Oilfield service companies while exploration and production. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches help to handle multi-dimensional and multi-variety data and utilize the data more efficiently by using previous processed data and to achieve the state-of-the-art performance and real-time predictions.

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Exploration and production software solutions for every stage in the oil and gas E&P process is an effective, visual platform to incorporate available data from drilling to geology to completions and use the results to further drive completions efficiency. A comprehensive workflow integrates exploration data, petroleum systems modeling, geologic interpretation, structural modeling. The Alpha-Play Platform provides the collaborative data and visualization environment so geologists, geophysicists, and engineers are kept up to date with the latest information for making critical decisions.

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Designed to optimize result accuracy while allowing users to work faster and more efficiently, Alpha-Play offers:

  • Data management, from data processing to interpretation and modeling, enabling faster results with less effort
  • High-resolution processing, interpretation and modeling geoscience features, delivering more accurate subsurface models
  • Deep learning capabilities enable quick and reliable identification of geologic interpretation from wellbore data
  • Machine learning as a data integrator and process automation tool to deliver advanced interpretation and reservoir characterization processes