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Hydraulic fracturing modeling

Managing fractured oil and gas reservoirs can be problematic with conventional modeling approaches that treat rock as a continuous porous medium which often. leads to incorrect conclusions. Long-term development decisions should be based on hard data and rigorous analysis — which is exactly what Terra Laboratories provides!

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We build comprehensive models based on the integration of data to run the following analysis:

  • Advanced data analysis
  • Connectivity and compartmentalization assessment
  • Exploration and development well planning
  • Integrated DFN flow simulation for hydraulically calibrating
  • Upscaled flow and geomechanics simulation
  • Monte Carlo simulation and Risk/ Uncertainty Assessment
  • Hydraulic fracturing well stimulation techniques
  • Evaluation of secondary recovery performance

We extract all drilling, geological, geophysical, and geochemical data to maximize the recovery from your fractured reservoir and help you make the best development decisions involved in exploration, prospect appraisal, frac optimization, refracturing, and full-field model development. Terra Laboratories uses a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) model that fully captures the anisotropy and connectivity of the fracture system which provides a clear advantage over conventional modeling approaches.