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Analytical Lab

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced technology, a highly skilled team, and proprietary workflows to help you make every well your best well

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Terra Labs provides detailed mineralogical analysis of any material from fundamental research to industrial quality control. Applications of these qualitative and quantitative techniques include:

  • Phase Identification
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Crystal structure determination
  • PDF analysis (total scattering)
  • High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction
  • (HRXRD)
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The elemental composition provides a critical information of minerology and trace elements from drilling cuttings. This data helps to optimize the well spacing and fracture modeling processes. Terra Labs runs new generation analytical equipment that reduces measurement time for 50%, provides an ultimate linear range of more than two Million cps, delivers excellent accuracy and precision for quality control.

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HAWK Pyrolysis

Terra Labs developed a unique workflow that identifies shale oil and water saturation Key to producible shale oil resource systems and identification of by-passed pay zones is the presence of producible oil which occurs when the “oil crossover effect” is plotted as shown

  • Adsorption Index (AI)
  • Oil Saturation Index(OSI)
  • Hydrogen index (HI)
  • Oxygen index (OI)
  • Production index (PI)
  • Generative Organic carbon (GOC)
  • non-generative organic carbon (NGOC)