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Petroleum Engineer, Golden, CO: Run lab equipment such as X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF), Total Organic Carbon (TOC)-Pyrlosis, ASE 350 Solvent Extractor, Gas Chromatography (GC), Clay stability Test & Roller Oven Test (CST-RO). Interpret the data coming from lab equipment and analyze the geology, chemistry and geochemistry of the underlying petroleum formations to more efficiently plan the exploration. Classify the contribution by formations to the total production of the well by analyzing the fluid and gas data in time along with microseismic data. Construct a well completion design based on the data from the lab and drilling parameters taken from the field. Efficiently automate the intermediate calculations by hard-coding into the Techlog software. Use Python to visualize the data and present meaningful results in a valuable fashion. Implementing the Geomechanical knowledge and understanding of the rock downhole to efficiently optimize Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Minimum Requirements: Education: Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.) in Petroleum Engineering.

Experience: 6 months working within the Reservoir Engineering discipline. Special

Requirements: Experience working with RockJock software and interpreting Mineralogy data from X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). Knowledge of Geo-Microbiome in the subsurface and bacterial behavior during the oil field exploration. Experience with Geochemical Pyrograms to differentiate contamination/noise from “true” response when performing analysis of Oil Saturations within stack-pay reservoirs. Deep understanding of wellbore completion practices to efficiently construct Hydraulic Fracturing design for best extraction of Hydrocarbons. Previous experience using Microseismic data. Knowledge of C++ and Python coding languages. Proficiency in Techlog and Petrel softwares to analyze well log data from field and build Geological Models.

Terra Chem Lab LLC, 301 Commercial Road, STE I, Golden CO 80401. Application is by Resume only. For consideration, email resume to Sattor Khakimov, skhakimo@gmail.com